The intouch Group was founded to provide business owners tailored support and within their budget.

The business was founded by Paul Ryan who was a co founder  of Wizard Home Loans back in 1996.

As the director of sales and distribution Ryan grew the Wizard distribution network from zero to 230 branches throughout Australia from 1999 to 2005.

After Wizard was sold to global giant GE Money in 2004 Ryan moved on to pursue other challenges

intouch Home Loans was launched in 2007 just months before the global financial crisis. A challenging time for all.

The experience of  managing a network of 230 self employed professionals and then starting intouch was the catalyst for the business to evolve in supporting business owners.

The intouch group is made up of a network of self employed professionals who business owners can engage to provide tailored support.

This is where the intouch model really stands out.

It makes it possible for all businesses to get strategic and practical help, from great professionals, when needed.

All principals run their own business, and their success relies on your success. They are not taking home a fat salary whether you get what you want or not. It is in their interest to deliver the help you need.

So whether you need help with a marketing challenge or need the right funding to grow, the intouchPrinicpal Network will provide a business partner that makes all the difference.

If you would like to discuss how the intouch Group could help your business, get in touch with Paul Ryan here for a confidential chat.